I think there are many opportunities for children to embrace AI in our school environment, if taught how to use it correctly. This is especially so for the children who struggle with certain aspects of their learning. I believe that AI can help to develop literacy and language skills as AI needs good communication skills in order to comprehend and respond to what the user requires. Also AI can enhance children’s curiosity, questioning, dialogue, critical thinking, problem-solving, personalised learning and provide the opportunities to apply new knowledge in real-wide situations. Generating images from simple ideas is absolutely amazing. How many children struggle with using their imagination – simply because they cannot picture it. Now they can.
There will be issues, just like with all other technology, but as teachers we need to teach children how to use it safely and responsible and as a school leader how to incorporate AI into learning so it does enhance and improve learning and not hinder or replace it. As a primary school, I do think we will not have as many issues as maybe secondary in terms of assessments and plagiarism as all work is class based and it will be more about getting children to evaluate responses and check for errors.
AI is not just for students, the benefits to teachers in utilising AI is also of benefit. Are teachers who use AI lazy? I think people only say that if they don’t understand what AI is in the first place as it does take some skill to use some aspects of it. I have started to tinker with it and some AI tools are a lot more easier to use than others!